Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Path Planning

In this work, I developed an algorithm to decompose a polygon area into n polygonal pieces based on each UAV’s search capability and position to explore large-scale unknown environments. In each sub-polygon area, I also devised a sweep direction adjustable Lawn Mower Search Pattern and Spiral Search Pattern methods for a UAV to search thisContinue reading “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Path Planning”

Alert Generation Framework of Multi-Robots

In this work we present a Forward Simulation-based Alert System that proactively notifies the human supervisor of possible, negatively-impactful events, which provides an opportunity for the human to retask agents to avoid undesirable scenarios. We propose methods for speeding up mission simulations and extracting alerts from simulation data in order to enable real-time alert generationContinue reading “Alert Generation Framework of Multi-Robots”

Autonomous Exploration System of Multi-UAVs

In this project, I created a Multi-UAV Control System which has a user interface to input UAV settings and displays each UAV’s position information. The search algorithm in this system is based on the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) that given the search area’s uncertainties and guide UAVs with kinematic constraints to explore the unknown environmentsContinue reading “Autonomous Exploration System of Multi-UAVs”